• A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems, associate of Ausker Group, make waste treatment plants using worms that process domestic waste, sewerage, garbage and waste grey waters.
  • If you have an existing septic tank or chemical treatment plant, our worm farm waste systems can also be used to retrofit septic tank. The best part is there is no sludge formations like you have in septic tanks and hence very minimal maintenance.
  • Currently most of the households dump these bio degradable wastes into small pits taken in their own backyard. This is not a healthy practice as the pit which is open will act as a good breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies and other pests.
  • It can replace septic tanks and absolutely NO SMELL at all as the chamber is below ground. On top you see a compost bin for garbage disposal and a 150mm vent pipe which protrudes into the air 4 meters.
  • The byproduct is a clear, aerated, non-smelling liquid which is a good fertilizer and is absorbed easily back into soil types.
  • Minimal maintenance and operating costs ----2 years service cycles


DOMESTIC: The unit can be installed in individual households and can be scaled up into commercial treatment plants for apartments, schools, hotels etc.


INDUSTRIAL: E.g. Rubber Factories- The waste coming out from the processing of rubber can be fed into this unit to convert it into a useful fertilizer.


CLUBS AND STADIUMS: The waste at these venues like golf clubs and other sporting grounds can be converted into a useful fertilizer which can be used to maintain these facilities.


STATE OWNED ENTITIES: The Worm Farm units can be installed to manage the waste efficiently at all these huge workforce sites like municipal and corporation offices, worship places etc. Also the waste from the market like those from the fish and meat stalls can be treated very effectively.



EPA approval NSW Health Accreditation

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